Saturday, September 10, 2011

the art and design of metal clay jewelry calendar 2012

i am profoundly honored that my automaton necklace was one of the pieces chosen for this beautiful calendar, which showcases such breathtaking metal clay jewelry!  

The 5th Annual Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2012 published by Holly Gage of Gage Designs is scheduled for release at the end of October 2011. The beautiful 28 page collectors calendar features a variety of jewelry pieces created with silver, rose gold, bronze, copper, and steel from today's most up and coming Metal Clay artists. Each page beautifully illustrates the diversity, artistry and pure magic of transforming a moldable metal into fine jewelry. You can also expect to see pieces mixing a wide range of media, techniques, and levels of complexity — truly an innovative selection.
Holly’s motivation for creating the calendar is from the perspective of a metal clay, metal smith, artist, educator, and advocate of this exciting medium, and uses this pictorial diary to show how Metal Clay can enhance the work of a jewelry artisan by adding it to their existing toolbox. 

Holly Gage, and three respected metal clay artists served as jurors. Emma Baird, Tracey Spurgin, and Lesley Messam gathered during Holly’s teaching excursion to Scotland, a wonderful backdrop for viewing selections for the 8 ½ x 11-wall calendar. Emma Baird said, “I regard The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry, publication as a showcase of the best work in Metal Clay around the globe. 

The artist’s work that you can expect to see are Terry Kovalcik, on the cover, Amber Ravenscroft, Angela B. Crispin, Anna Mazon, Barbara Simon, Chu-mei Ho, Deb Steele, Donna Lewis, Gail Lannum, Hadar Jacobson, Helga van Leipsig, Jared Sanders, Jennifer Smith-Righter, Jonna Faulkner, Joy Funnell, Juanita Burton, Julia Rai, Julie Beucherie, Karen L. Suarez, Kate Qualley Peterson, Katrine Tan, Kimberly Nogueira, Linda Grisham Jean, Liz Hall, Lora Hart, Lorena Angulo, Lorrene Baum-Davis, Marie A. Gniazdowski, Marnie Elhers, Michelle F. Glaeser, Michelle Loon, Samantha Braund, Sondra Hirssig, Susan Ellenton, Vickie Hallmark, Wanaree Tanner, and jurors’ Tracey Spurgin, Lesley Messam, Emma Baird, and Holly Gage.
The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2012 is a must-have for jewelry lovers and makers alike. There will be a limited printing of the calendar, which will be released at the end of October 2011. The calendar will sell for $23.50 plus shipping. For a sneak peek and to reserve your copy, go to .

Friday, September 9, 2011

the inspiration of the make your everyday mundane tasks brighter

my husband and I are currently building our house, and i've just finished making custom light switch covers for all of our switches. i used antique book images from between the 1600's and 1800's that are mainly seashore-related.  they are oohed and aaahed over by visitors, especially the octopus covers. i am not exaggerating, these really are coveted by all who enter our humble home! so I've decided to make some for the rest of the world, so they can smile happily as they are going about the simplest of mundane daily household tasks--turning on/off the lights...
i used a high quality transfer paper that retains extraordinary color vibrancy and used four coats of 2 different nontoxic sealers, sanding twice between coats. then i packaged them tidily in a slim clear envelope and added a little "hand made by" tag.  the lovely beth, owner of the exquisite little coastal-decor shop called portico in mongoose junction, recently added 10 of these to her eclectic seashore-influenced store.  if you are ever on st john, stop in to gaze longingly at her wares (many of which are made by her!) and take something home :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

my first hand-bound book work

hand-bound journal that i made 9 years ago

"ship's log" that i made for my husband 9 years ago. cover paper and inside pages are all handmade, except for the end papers

i embossed my husband's initials in the paper that i made for the cover of his "ship's log"

about 9 years ago, a dear friend taught me to make hand-bound journals. i've included a photo of the one that i made for myself using the cover techniques that she showed me.  here is her website: is a very talented graphic designer and jewelry artist. i also made a "ship's log" for my husband before we were married--he owns a small boat, as you might guess. i used a different binding technique for that because i made all of the paper by hand.

inspired by travel in italy

luna moth thoughts; miniature hand bound journal; .75 x .50 x .125 in; kimberly nogueira 2011

threshold  journal; hand bound miniature leather travel journal; .75 x .63 x .37 in; kimberly nogueira  2011

threshold  journal--open; hand bound miniature leather travel journal; .75 x .63 x .37 in; kimberly nogueira  2011

luna moth thoughts; miniature hand bound journal; .75 x .50 x .125 in; kimberly nogueira 2011

several years ago i travelled to italy with my family--i took many photos, ate lots of yummy food, walked and walked and walked and treated myself to little trinkets in each town. the paper shops in rome are so wonderful, and so expensive! i am drawn to tiny things obsessively so what i emerged from the little shop with happened to be the least costly items and the tiniest--two little handmade books.  i recently revisited these wee tomes, still encased in the shop's adorable bag, because of a mixed media project that i am working on--a tiny ship's log (or travel journal, not sure which yet) is what i need to make.
my threshold journal and the little italian souvenir journal that inspired it
my luna moth thoughts journal and the tiny italian hand bound book that inspired it

about 8 years ago an artist friend of mine helped me learn to make hand-bound books, specifically journals, and that's what everyone on my holiday list received that year as a gift.  i still have one, and it really is beautiful. i went back and did some reading and researching and made some simple very tiny books to warm up.  i've included some photographs of them above for you to see...

Saturday, September 3, 2011


the beast!

pod coated with electroconductive paint
pod after electroforming with copper

the very first one! note the extreme bumpiness (which i like)--i turned the voltage down after seeing this because unless you control this, they will flake off

about six months ago i purchased a used rectifier for $75, hoping to explore electroforming. it had been in storage for quite a few years when i bought it so i wasn't sure if it actually worked. it has taken me longer than i thought it would to accumulate the other necessary materials and to find the time to do some test runs with it, but it works, i'm so happy to say! i used some small pod forms and a leaf from my drawers of nature accumulations and was pretty amazed at the results.  it's clear that i've got some adjusting to do next time around based on my reading:  thicker lead wire, lower voltage (if that's even possible--this piece of machinery was made to plate, not electroform, based on the voltage and amperage displays), maybe a tad more brightener, larger container for the bath, maybe get an aerator (there may be one in our attic...), smaller anodes. and then more refining after i make those changes...

a special bird

i am one of the few volunteers here on st john for our amazingly knowledgeable licensed wildlife rehabilitator, phyllis benton.  i call her the bird whisperer and we are so lucky to have her! when she goes off-island i am one of the people that takes the birds that are injured or orphaned.
right now i have a very dear juvenile scaly-naped pigeon, which is a beautiful tree pigeon that is rarely seen but from far away, since they live high up in the trees eating berries and fruit. he had fallen from the nest and was being pecked by sea gulls so a caring soul brought him to phyllis.  i have watched this fellow grow since his second week of life, from when he was what phyllis described as "warm and dense"  and covered in pin feathers. he is leaner and larger now and can fly, but he lacks the ability to eat on his own. he is at the point where he can pick bits up but can't toss them back into his mouth. soon come!
i have to add that this dear bird's voice has just changed, like a teenager's! until about a week ago, he sort of whistled; now he emits a low honk--it's just precious!  and i'm so grateful to have the honor of helping this fellow get back in the wild :)

about two weeks old--look at that beak!

a drop of blue for all the possibilities

here is a hauntingly beautiful quote by david whyte to go with the blue peruvian opal ring that i recently finished:

look back down the path as if seeing your past and then south over the lazy blue coast as if present to a wide future.  Remember the way you are all possibilities...

you are all possibilities; sterling and fine silver, blue peruvian opal; kimberly nogueira 2011

you are all possibilities; sterling and fine silver, blue peruvian opal; kimberly nogueira 2011