Monday, December 19, 2011

work by my son and apprentice

these are waiting to be drilled, hand polished and made into earrings. they've all since been sold!

such fabulous work! he's sold the cuff and earrings already :)
my son xavier has been working in the studio forging, hammering and soldering...

some christmas enameling :)

i have so many beautiful friends and amazing family members, and luckily, most of them are female, so i can make them jewelry for holiday gifts. i did some enameling recently to try and add some color to my work, and these tiny discs of luscious, gleaming glass will make sweet earrings for those who are more comfortable with a smaller earring. i sifted some finer mesh enamel to make the stencil designs and did a bit of wet-packing too. what a fun day to be occupied only with enameling!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

antilles school holiday bazaar

special thanks to Rory from Texas, my first customer!

setting up at my son's school's annual holiday bazaar for the first time was an intriguing experience.  my dear friend jena and i took the barge over to st thomas and sold our studio jewelry together to a very small but appreciative crowd.  my son xavier's copper and silver forged metalwork was a hit.  i was modeling a pair of his earrings and they were purchased right out of my ears!  i'd been working on a new form of metalwork called fold forming and most of those earrings sold.  steel pan music, kids selling $1.00 candy grams, cake walks, and end-of-the-day 50 cent cupcakes--it doesn't get any better for my first public venue!