Thursday, July 21, 2011

rings from my casting class with alan burton thompson

i made this ring for me!

lichen ring, sterling silver, kimberly nogueira  2011
dead branch ring, bronze, kimberly nogueira  2011

bud ring with tendril, sterling silver, kimberly nogueira 2011
here is much happiness!  i love using wax to make molds for casting, the kind of wax that you can form with your fingers, leaving your fingerprints almost imperceptibly in the mold...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

casting class with alan burton thompson

heat your metal to the melting point and pour it into the mold

put your just-filled-with-molten-metal flask into a big bucket to break apart the investment

peak inside the flask to see if your casting came out  

it came out so big smile
i had the pleasure of taking a casting class with alan burton thompson at the new england school of craft this past june.  wow! i learned much more than i was expecting to in just 3 days and actually made myself several rings (that i love love love), which is very unusual because due to my lifestyle and the heat here, i generally don't adorn myself in anything but a spare way. i've included some action shots from the casting studio...

work by my son and apprentice

mixed metals box, copper and brass, xavier trahan 2011

domed and hinged ring, brass, copper, sterling silver, xavier trahan 2011
my teenage son xavier just returned from two weeks of studio work in metalsmithing and glassworking at the new england school of craft.  the glass work is on its way in the mail--i'm so excited to see it!--but i have the two pieces that he made in the metals class here.  both of these pieces are more sophisticated than anything i've made!