Thursday, July 21, 2011

rings from my casting class with alan burton thompson

i made this ring for me!

lichen ring, sterling silver, kimberly nogueira  2011
dead branch ring, bronze, kimberly nogueira  2011

bud ring with tendril, sterling silver, kimberly nogueira 2011
here is much happiness!  i love using wax to make molds for casting, the kind of wax that you can form with your fingers, leaving your fingerprints almost imperceptibly in the mold...


  1. Love the rings and the photos!

  2. thanks so much suzanne--i've been working my brain into mush trying to get good photos!

  3. Very Nice !!
    LOVE your dead branch ring in bronze !!!!

  4. thanks lorena! my instructor alan and i weren't optimistic about the mold filling properly, but it worked :) . the "dead branch" is a piece of plastic from an odd box of toy plastic bits (mostly cowboys, indians and soldiers) that alan brought for us to use in our mold-making. it was a fun class!

  5. Love the rings, especially the dead branch ring. Your work is great!

  6. I'm with Lorena-- the dead branch ring is making me swoon!!! It's awesome Kimberly!! : )