Wednesday, July 20, 2011

casting class with alan burton thompson

heat your metal to the melting point and pour it into the mold

put your just-filled-with-molten-metal flask into a big bucket to break apart the investment

peak inside the flask to see if your casting came out  

it came out so big smile
i had the pleasure of taking a casting class with alan burton thompson at the new england school of craft this past june.  wow! i learned much more than i was expecting to in just 3 days and actually made myself several rings (that i love love love), which is very unusual because due to my lifestyle and the heat here, i generally don't adorn myself in anything but a spare way. i've included some action shots from the casting studio...


  1. Go, Kim! I can't wait to see what you made!

  2. hi jena, i just posted photos and you can see them in person soon!

  3. Hi Kim! I was googling Alan Burton Thompson and up popped your blog. I took that class with you. Casting is sooo exciting and mysterious. Unfortunately, Alan isn't teaching at Snow Farm this year, but I'll be taking a casting class with one of his students, Dan Cook, in August. Hope you are well.
    Susan Kinsella

  4. Hi Susan, I hope you are well too! That was such an awesome class, and it really had a profound effect on my work. So much of what makes a class are the students, and I am so grateful to have been surrounded by all awesome classmates! Because of Maximo's pulled pork recipe (it probably was wrong to be writing down a recipe in class...) I am now a rock star to my son, well, only on days that I make the pulled pork!
    Have fun this August!