Saturday, September 3, 2011


the beast!

pod coated with electroconductive paint
pod after electroforming with copper

the very first one! note the extreme bumpiness (which i like)--i turned the voltage down after seeing this because unless you control this, they will flake off

about six months ago i purchased a used rectifier for $75, hoping to explore electroforming. it had been in storage for quite a few years when i bought it so i wasn't sure if it actually worked. it has taken me longer than i thought it would to accumulate the other necessary materials and to find the time to do some test runs with it, but it works, i'm so happy to say! i used some small pod forms and a leaf from my drawers of nature accumulations and was pretty amazed at the results.  it's clear that i've got some adjusting to do next time around based on my reading:  thicker lead wire, lower voltage (if that's even possible--this piece of machinery was made to plate, not electroform, based on the voltage and amperage displays), maybe a tad more brightener, larger container for the bath, maybe get an aerator (there may be one in our attic...), smaller anodes. and then more refining after i make those changes...

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