Saturday, September 3, 2011

a special bird

i am one of the few volunteers here on st john for our amazingly knowledgeable licensed wildlife rehabilitator, phyllis benton.  i call her the bird whisperer and we are so lucky to have her! when she goes off-island i am one of the people that takes the birds that are injured or orphaned.
right now i have a very dear juvenile scaly-naped pigeon, which is a beautiful tree pigeon that is rarely seen but from far away, since they live high up in the trees eating berries and fruit. he had fallen from the nest and was being pecked by sea gulls so a caring soul brought him to phyllis.  i have watched this fellow grow since his second week of life, from when he was what phyllis described as "warm and dense"  and covered in pin feathers. he is leaner and larger now and can fly, but he lacks the ability to eat on his own. he is at the point where he can pick bits up but can't toss them back into his mouth. soon come!
i have to add that this dear bird's voice has just changed, like a teenager's! until about a week ago, he sort of whistled; now he emits a low honk--it's just precious!  and i'm so grateful to have the honor of helping this fellow get back in the wild :)

about two weeks old--look at that beak!

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