Saturday, February 16, 2013

my work is now at bajo el sol gallery

i received a most unusual and happy christmas gift this past holiday, unexpected and surprising--the owner of a gorgeous local fine art gallery, bajo el sol,  accepted my work for display.  what is so wonderful is how excited tom and his wife livy were about the pieces that i brought to show them! they were happy with my choice of display furniture and comfortable with the details of my finicky packaging--i just love them! if you are ever on st john, visit their exquisite gallery filled with local artwork treasures in all mediums and don't miss livy's paintings--her specialty is capturing the inner spirit through portraiture, and she can also be found with her paints and easel at the local resort caneel bay, where she is a resident artist.

hmmm, how to set up a display with only what you have in your house? keep in mind that i cannot go to ikea or even to a flea market--i live on a little tropical island accessible only by boat/ferry/barge! this is my first attempt, which i knew would not work, but you have to start somewhere; somehow i usually start with the most ridiculous thing...

this is what i ended up with. i will be working on bringing the tags more in tune with what i am trying to convey, but for now, they are just some of my favorite quotes, ones that can transport you...

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