Saturday, November 10, 2012

digging into my treasure box of brazilian stones...

does anybody else out there do everything backwards? all of the time? years before i knew how to set stones i accumulated gorgeous slices, cabochons, octagons, squares and other stone oddments, somehow knowing that i would develop the skills that i needed to put them into jewelry, while at the same time knowing that time simply did not allow for this to happen--such a conundrum!

prong setting, here i come...start with a rustic, earthy and ethereal pair of faded lilac included quartz slices and finish with a primitively elegant setting worthy of my favorite pair of jeans, which unfortunately it's too hot for me to wear at the moment...the trade winds will be coming through any day now i hope!  more details on etsy here

included quartz earrings
quartz, fine and sterling silver


  1. These earrings are fan-freaking-tastic, I adore them! Keep up with the prongs!!

  2. erin, you're so adorable, thank you!!!