Friday, June 15, 2012

metal clay artist magazine's annual contest--metal clay plus

one of my favorite publications, metal clay artist magazine, is devoted entirely to metal clay. thank you for this!

their annual contest challenged artists to use metal clay and at least one other material and so i began wondering to myself, what am i having issues with at the moment? are there any concerns that i would like to get out of my system with a piece of art? most of the things on my mind center around childhood and this was no exception.  so i made a piece that included quite a few other things beside metal clay, laboring for several months on an automaton pendant.

 i'm having a twilight zone moment because this piece was chosen as one of the 4 finalists!

you should see the other artists' work--all reknowned for incredible innovation and technique:  liz potter hall, milica popover bubanja, and noortje meijerink. clicking on their names will send you to their websites so you can see more of their amazing art!

please click here to see their work in pmc connections' blog post!

here's my submission:

lost point of origin
kimberly nogueira

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