Sunday, June 17, 2012

an interview

how exciting to be asked for an interview! but even more delightful to see is the look on my son's face when he sees my name and work in print! 

he would much prefer me to spend more time cooking, cleaning and doing laundry than sweating in my studio.  i have cut down on these domestic activities to a noticeable degree but i haven't cut them out entirely. for instance, today, sunday, i've made pancakes, toffee, prepped french onion soup for dinner, done laundry and lots of dishes...happily i've also etched some copper :)

the interview, in tonya davidson's musings and mullings blog, is such an extraordinary honor that i am still floating in the twilight zone. but a good one, not like the only episode i remember where the earth was moving away from the sun and everyone was freezing to death!

here it is, and if my odd life isn't that interesting to you, you can check out the many amazing previous artists who've been profiled :)  CLICK HERE

you can also check out tonya's artful success program

eyes of truth
kimberly nogueira 2012

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